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Innovative Solutions & Training

The NHA believes in providing innovative operational solutions, creative training solutions and enhanced educational opportunities for the housekeeping professional.

We do not limit our membership to just the healthcare market but to anyone who is part of the noblest of professions, HOUSEKEEPING.

From Schools or Universities to Building Service Contractors or In-House Healthcare or manufacturing sites, we have you covered for all of your housekeeping needs!


The National Housekeeping Association is a subsidiary of Clear Creek, LLC., and is an organization designed to provide online/virtual training, motivational speaking and ConneXions Seminars & Trade Shows to housekeeping professionals across the country.


1. Promote the Housekeeping profession.​


2. Provide learning opportunities for front-line staff, supervisors, managers and executives in all faucets of multi-media.

3. Develop a network of state chapters to foster growth within the housekeeping industry.

  • Certified Training Programs

  • ConneXions Trade Shows

  • Motivational Seminars

  • State Chapter Development

  • Quarterly On-line Training Seminars

  • Quarterly Podcasts


Our challenge is to break down the barriers to the "Housekeeping" profession so that ALL feel welcome, not just certain segments or markets.

In today's environment, every housekeeper MATTERS and NHA is here for you!

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